Albert Toller (A.T.) Goward (1872 – 1946) was the Victoria manager for the B.C. Electric Railway Company, which supplied electric power to the Vancouver Portland Cement Company plant at Tod Inlet.

Albert Toller (A.T.) Goward (1872-1946) circa 1940. [City of Victoria Archives photo M-00860]
Albert Toller (A.T.) Goward (1872-1946) circa 1940. [City of Victoria Archives photo M-00860]
Albert Toller Goward makes an appearance in Chapter 2 of our Butchart Gardens History:

“One excellent example of a vendor’s impression of doing business with Robert Butchart has survived. On December 8, 1909, A.T. Goward, the Victoria Manager of the B.C. Electric Railway Company, a British company which had the dual role of operating the Victoria and Vancouver streetcar systems and also acting as British Columbia’s sole electrical power generator and supplier, wrote to R.H. Sperling, the company’s General Manager in Vancouver,

I think that Mr. Butchart is anxious to get some arrangement with us [for supplying electricity to the cement factory at Tod Inlet]; at the same time he is, as you know, a very close figurer….. In my conversation with Mr. Butchart he stated that if we could supply him with power for $30.00 per H.P. a year he was ready to do business with us, but that it was no good our making an offer for more than that amount. Personally I believe that an arrangement could be made by which he would pay a little higher rate, but I do not think very much higher.”

Here is some more information on A.T. Goward:

“Company Executives Honor A.T. Goward On Fifty-Year Service

Head of B.C. Electric’s Victoria Division and Second Vice President Guest At Banquet At Vancouver, Marking Unique Record

Mr. Goward, who has been Victoria manager since 1897, was presented by W. G.. Murrin, chairman at the banquet and president of the BCER, with a silver tea service and candelabra, and was praised by the company head for his many years of service.

“Fifty years in one company u very unusual;” said Mr. Murrin, who went on to tell of the Victoria of the days when Mr. Goward began work there, and of the advances made since then.

Telegrams of congratulation were read at the banquet, many of them from Eastern directors of the company.


Mr. Goward began work in Victoria in 1890 as a youth of eighteen, who had just arrived from England with the old National Electric Tramway & Light Company. His first job. he said, was at a small power station managed by Henry Gibson, now of Vancouver, retired traffic superintendent.

In 1897 when the company was taken over by the B.C.E R. Mr. Goward was appointed Victoria manager, a poet he has since held.

Speakers at the banquet. besides Mr. Murrin. included H. Adams, Vancouver, vice-president and comptroller; Austin Taylor, Vancouver, director; George Kidd, Vancouver, director; and G. M. Tripp, E. N. Horsey and Everett Taylor, all of Victoria.

Victoria company officials attending the banquet, in addition to speakers, included J. W. Spencer, A. D. King. T. R. Myers. C. A Cornwall, K. Harrison, A. Collis, A Richardson, W. H. Dreaper and K Hart.”

(Source: Colonist, 20 December 1940, page 2)

A.T. Goward Dies Here In 75th Year

Retired Last Year From B.C.E.R. Post

Albert Toller Goward, 74, who recently retired as vice-presidcnt of the BC Power Corporation, Ltd, died at his home 1606 York Place, at 11:30 o’clock last night. He had been ill for some time.

After coming to Victoria in 1890, he rose from the post of conductor for the National Electric Tramway ^ Lighting Co, Ltd, to the vice- presidency of the reorganized company.

He was born at Tenby, South Wales., the son of Henry and Elizabeth Goward. Receiving his education at Tenby he became a clerk with the Atlas Insurance Co. Bristol and London, for two years.

After starting in the public utility business here as a conductor, he entered the office in 1891. When the B C Electric Railway Co., Ltd, took over the business in 1898. he was made local manager.

His appointment as vice-president came in 1923.

During the many years he was a prominent businessman in this city, Mr. Goward formed a host of friendships and earned the respect of the citizens.
He was a member of the Anglican Church.

His clubs were the Union Club, Victoria [Golf Club] and Colwood Golf Club. Fishing and golf were his recreations.

He is survived by his widow, two sisters, Mrs. Charles W. Thornton, Brentwood, and Mrs Edwin Cole, Cardiff Wales, and a brother, H Austin Goward, 1307 Transit Road.”

(Source: Colonist, 13 June 1946, page 1)

Here is a map showing the location of Albert Toller Goward’s former residence at 1606 York Place:

Albert Toller Goward is buried in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, B.C.

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