Remnants Of The Lakefield Portland Cement Company In Lakefield, Ontario

In 2003, while first doing research for From Devastation To Beauty – The Creation Of The Butchart Gardens, I visited the town of Lakefield, Ontario, where  Robert Butchart, George Stirke Kilbourn, John M. Kilbourn, Francis Kilbourn, Horace B. Smith and William Henry Eugene Bravender created the Lakefield Portland Cement Company in 1900. Despite the importance of the Lakefield Portland Cement Company, […]

Kilbourn Family Portraits, 1911

The Kilbourn family was one of the leading families in Owen Sound, Ontario in the early 20th century. Robert Butchart was a business associate of several Kilbourn family members, including John Melbourne Kilbourn (1841-1921), George Stirke Kilbourn (1866-1946), Francis Howard Kilbourn (1863-1948), Frederick Aubrey Kilbourn (1879-1928) and Horace Bruce Smith (1865-1939). Along with Robert Butchart, […]