Kilbourn Family Portraits, 1911

The Kilbourn family was one of the leading families in Owen Sound, Ontario in the early 20th century. Robert Butchart was a business associate of several Kilbourn family members, including John Melbourne Kilbourn (1841-1921), George Stirke Kilbourn (1866-1946), Francis Howard Kilbourn (1863-1948), Frederick Aubrey Kilbourn (1879-1928) and Horace Bruce Smith (1865-1939). Along with Robert Butchart, […]

Captain James Troup’s House, 324 Maitland Street

Captain James W. Troup (1855-1931) served under Robert Butchart as Assistant Director of Wooden Shipbuilding for the Imperial Munitions Board between 1917 and 1919. Captain Troup’s house (since demolished) stood at 324 Maitland Street, along the waterfront off Esquimalt Road, in Victoria’s Vic West neighbourhood. Here is a map showing the location of 324 Maitland […]

Alfred Cornelius Flumerfelt (1856-1930)

Alfred Cornelius Flumerfelt (1856-1930) appears briefly in our book, From Devastation To Beauty: The Creation Of The Butchart Gardens. Alfred Cornelius Flumerfelt was a leading figure in Victoria business and financial circles in the late 18th and early 20th centuries. He served as President of the Board of Trade between 1893 and 1903. He was […]