Remnants Of The Lakefield Portland Cement Company In Lakefield, Ontario

In 2003, while first doing research for From Devastation To Beauty – The Creation Of The Butchart Gardens, I visited the town of Lakefield, Ontario, where  Robert Butchart, George Stirke Kilbourn, John M. Kilbourn, Francis Kilbourn, Horace B. Smith and William Henry Eugene Bravender created the Lakefield Portland Cement Company in 1900. Despite the importance of the Lakefield Portland Cement Company, […]

Corporate Letterheads Of Robert Butchart’s Portland Cement Companies

To illustrate the chronological progression of the Portland Cement companies Robert Butchart was associated with, here are some of those companies’ corporate letterheads. In Ontario Robert Butchart was a shareholder and manager in the Owen Sound Portland Cement Company of Owen Sound, Ontario. The company’s operations were in Shallow Lake, just outside Owen Sound. Robert […]

CPR Steamer SS Charmer At Tod Inlet, Circa 1908

The BC Archives has a photograph of the CPR Coast Service steamship SS Charmer moored at the Vancouver Portland Cement Company wharf at Tod Inlet, circa 1908. Here is another BC Archives photo of the SS Charmer, circa 1905. The Charmer was sent for scrapping at Capital Iron in Victoria in 1935. The SS Charmer […]

Japanese Tea Garden, Gorge Park

Japanese Tea Garden, Gorge Park, Esquimalt, B.C. The Japanese Tea Garden at Gorge Park in Esquimalt, B.C. was originally designed and built in 1906-1907 by Isaburo Kishida for his son, Yoshihiro Kishida (known locally as Joe Kishida), and Yoshihiro’s business partner, Hayato Takata (known locally as Harry Takata), who had contracted with the B.C. Electric […]

Kilbourn Family Portraits, 1911

The Kilbourn family was one of the leading families in Owen Sound, Ontario in the early 20th century. Robert Butchart was a business associate of several Kilbourn family members, including John Melbourne Kilbourn (1841-1921), George Stirke Kilbourn (1866-1946), Francis Howard Kilbourn (1863-1948), Frederick Aubrey Kilbourn (1879-1928) and Horace Bruce Smith (1865-1939). Along with Robert Butchart, […]

Captain James Troup’s House, 324 Maitland Street

Captain James W. Troup (1855-1931) served under Robert Butchart as Assistant Director of Wooden Shipbuilding for the Imperial Munitions Board between 1917 and 1919. Captain Troup’s house (since demolished) stood at 324 Maitland Street, along the waterfront off Esquimalt Road, in Victoria’s Vic West neighbourhood. Here is a map showing the location of 324 Maitland […]

Evans, Coleman & Evans Limited – Robert Butchart Was On Its Board Of Directors

Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ltd. was a diversified Vancouver-based building supply company which was described in 1912 as “the principal commercial firm in the Province.” It was founded in 1888 and Evans, Coleman & Evans remained one of British Columbia’s leading hardware and building supply dealers until well into the mid 20th century. Robert Butchart […]

The Pacific Steamship Company – Robert Butchart Was On Its Board Of Directors

The Pacific Steamship Company, based in Seattle, Washington, was formed in 1916 through the merger of two earlier companies: Pacific Alaska Navigation Company and the Pacific Coast Steamship Company, which had been based in San Francisco. Robert Butchart was on the Pacific Steamship Company’s Board of Directors from 1916 to 1932.

Alfred Cornelius Flumerfelt (1856-1930)

Alfred Cornelius Flumerfelt (1856-1930) appears briefly in our book, From Devastation To Beauty: The Creation Of The Butchart Gardens. Alfred Cornelius Flumerfelt was a leading figure in Victoria business and financial circles in the late 18th and early 20th centuries. He served as President of the Board of Trade between 1893 and 1903. He was […]

George “Rebel” Mowat Was Jennie Butchart’s Favorite Tour Bus Driver

George “Rebel” Mowat (died September 1968, full name: George Neilson Mowat) was a sightseeing tour bus driver for Gray Line of Victoria who regularly drove sightseeing trips to Butchart Gardens for several decades. By all contemporary accounts, he was Jennie Butchart’s favorite tour bus driver. He became friendly with Jennie Butchart and his stories of […]