Saanich Lime Company

Saanich Lime Company

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The Saanich Lime Company Limited was incorporated by Joseph Wriglesworth, William Fernie, Peter Fernie and Richard Scurr on 22 April 1890 with the stated purpose to “acquire by purchase, operate and carry on and extend the Lime Kilns situated at Tod Creek [i.e. Tod Inlet] and Highland District……[and to] build and extend the said works as may be found necessary from time to time.”

In 1900 the Tod Inlet land formerly owned by the Saanich Lime Company was purchased by James Edward Murphy, President of the Owen Sound Portland Cement Company of Owen Sound, Ontario.

James Edward Murphy was a business associate of Robert Pim Butchart in the Owen Sound Portland Cement Company. From this connection it seems Robert Butchart was planning as early as 1900 to acquire the lands at Tod Inlet and develop the Portland cement potential of those lands.

In 1904, Robert Butchart and James Edward Murphy were among the shareholders who incorporated of the Vancouver Portland Cement Company, into whose name the former Saanich Lime Company lands at Tod Inlet were transferred by James Edward Murphy.

More information about the Saanich Lime Company is available in Chapter 1 of our Butchart Gardens History.


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